Medical Talk Transcription LLC was founded in 1990 by Gloria Laroche, RN, BSN, after serving the healthcare field as a registered nurse for 13 years.  Her experience, knowledge and dedication to her work and clients has stood out in the medical transcription business for over 25 years with a staff matching her high standards for excellence.

At Medical Talk, every one of our customers is provided individual customized service. There is no one mold to fit into. We listen to your needs and then create a format that works for your office, always able to modify as requirements change. There is always someone to talk to when situations arise that need immediate attention.

We know that your medical records are the backbone of your practice and must document the care that was given accurately, timely, and in a cost effective manner. Medical Talk provides exactly this. Our transcriptionists care about what they are typing and will research all questions and flag anything that is unclear. We don’t just type what we hear – we make sure it actually makes sense. We pay attention to grammar and sentence structure. We have tremendous pride in the work we do.

Don’t be fooled by lower line rates – characters and lines can be manipulated to look more cost effective than they really are. Call us to find out the real story.